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Should I start an antiques collection?
Should I start an antiques collection? - This is a question asked by many perhaps as they have been given or inherited an item which might become the starting point. If you havn't got a 'starter' I suggest you go to a good quality antiques venue (shop, fair, centre etc.) and have a good look around. When you have spotted an item which suits your taste and budget talk to the dealer about it. Most dealers will be more than willing to share their passion, knowledge with you. There are huge numbers of points of interest you could choose to collect. Perhaps a period e.g. art deco, art nouveau, victorian, regency, etc. Perhaps a catagory such as English blue and white ceramics, or items of collectable interest such as items commemorative of an individual such as Nelson, Napoleon, Lily Langtree etc.

When you have made your choice you will find you have added another dimension to your whole life. Nothing to do at the weekend? You have now! Go hunting for a new item. You don't necessarily have to buy it but add to your knowledge of the subject. You will find the learning process interesting and quite absorbing. If you decide you would like to make a purchase I recommend you buy the best in the catagory of your collection you can afford. We can't all afford items in perfect condition so decide whether a small amount of damage or repair is acceptable to you and see that the item is priced accordingly. I suggest you ask the dealer if the item is restored and ask for a written receipt for your money.

Date Posted - 15 Jan 2013
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